PASCAL Synthesis, Pattern Scanning Laser
  • Description
  • PASCAL® scanning laser technology revolutionized laser therapy. The PASCAL® Synthesis ™ with new patterns, an improved interface, a 3D controller and a versatile ergonomic table, once again redefines pattern laser therapy. The PASCAL® Synthesis™ dual-port pattern scanning retinal laser is available in 532 nm (Green) or 577 nm (Yellow) or for the TwinStar 577/638 nm (Yellow/Red) wavelength. With pricing similar to a premium single spot laser system, PASCAL Synthesis will allow fast and effective treatment of retinal disorders using clinically proven pattern-generating technology.

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  • Key Features
    • PASCAL precision and control technology at NEW, more affordable pricing
    • 3D Controller allows for precise manipulation of patterns, power settings and laser positioning
    • Intuitive touchscreen interface with a variety of patterns, including the new hexagon pattern
    • New multi-spot titration pattern
    • New acoustic tones to indicate power changes during treatment
    • Dual ports offer the convenience of interchanging between an LIO or laser probe
    • ATE-S automatic table with quiet movement and modern design
    • Optional Endpoint Management™ technology for less-damaging sub-threshold treatment of a variety of retinal disorders


    In October 2019, introduction of a totally re-engineered slit lamp, the SL-PA04, which comes with these new functions:


    • LED Illumination – The new LED illumination delivers bright, sharp and homogeneous slit beam that improves subtle detail observation during treatment.
    • Incorporated Micromanipulator – Comfortably located on the back panel of the slit lamp body, the micromanipulator allows for precise location of the aiming beam and treatment beams without movement of the patient’s eye.
    • Power Adjustment Knob – The power adjustment knob, also located on the back panel, permits quick and precise adjustment of the laser treatment power.
    • CB-8 Binocular System – The new and improved CB-8 binocular system provides enhanced vision without flare and increased viewing comfort. The 10x eyepieces and 8-degree angle facilitates fusion, especially in users with shorter PD. The smooth movement of the PD adjustment makes it easier to find a comfortable pupillary range.
    • Gooseneck Fixation Target – The new gooseneck target adds flexibility to the managing of the patient’s fixation during treatment.
    • Magnification Configuration – New magnification configuration improves visibility of the treatment area with the different fundus lenses. The 5x; 8x; 13x 20x and 32x magnification grouping allows for a wider and more comfortable view.
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    Health Canada MDL: PASCAL Synthesis 532/577, Pattern Scanning Laser
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    Health Canada MDL: PASCAL Synthesis TwinStar, Pattern Scanning Laser
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  • Press Releases
  • Title: Topcon introduces the SL-PA04 model of slit lamp for the PASCAL Synthesis laser series
    Release Date: October 25, 2019

    Topcon’s PASCAL, the original and widely used pattern scanning laser, introduces the PA04 slit lamp delivery system, with added features.

    Title: Topcon Introduces Next Generation PASCAL Synthesis System
    Release Date: December 15, 2015

    Topcon is pleased to introduce the next generation Pattern Scanning Laser PASCAL Synthesis now with a totally redesigned automatic table.

    Title: Topcon Introduces High Definition Video Teaching System for PASCAL Lasers
    Release Date: November 10, 2015

    Topcon Medical Systems (TMS) of Oakland, NJ announces the introduction of a High Definition Video Teaching System for PASCAL.

  • Articles & Publications
  • Title: The Subthreshold Laser’s Role in Retinal Vascular Disease
    Author(s): Dr. Netan Choudhry, MD
    Publisher: Modern Retina from Ophthalmology Times
    Type: Trade Publication
    Release Date: October 18, 2018

    A novel subthreshold laser provides seamless adjunctive therapy that can supplement or obviate the need for future injections in certain retinal conditions.

    Title: PASCAL Endpoint Management: Subthreshold Laser Therapy for Macular Diseases
    Author(s): Victor H. Gonzalez, MD, & Francisco J. Rodriguez, MD
    Publisher: Retina Today
    Type: Trade Publication
    Release Date: September 1, 2017

    Approaches with and without anti-VEGF: How we choose to treat our patients.

    Title: Case studies: Laser therapy, injection paradigms for treatment of DME
    Author(s): Manish Nagpal, MD
    Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
    Type: Trade Publication
    Release Date: November 1, 2014

    When treating diabetic macular edema (DME), ophthalmologists often face the choice of which treatments should be used—either alone or in combination—that best prevent further damage to the retina, correct vision loss, and prevent eventual blindness.

    Dr. Manish Nagpal discusses patient cases and the use of combination therapy with Endpoint Management and PASCAL.

    Title: Clinical Advances of Swept-Source OCT and New Non-Damaging Laser Treatment
    Author(s): Andrew J. Tatham, FRCOphth, FEBO
    Publisher: Review of Ophthalmology
    Type: Trade Journal - Peer Reviewed
    Release Date: March 1, 2014

    Three leading surgeons offer their insight and experience on imaging with optical coherence tomography as well as laser treatment options.

    Title: Laser Therapy a Novel Approach to DME, CSR.
    Author(s): Daniel Lavinsky, MD
    Publisher: Ophthalmology Times
    Type: Trade Publication
    Release Date: March 1, 2014

    An ophthalmologist with a practice in Brazil explains how using photothermal stimulation with an algorithm is an effective treatment for his patients with diabetic macular edema and central serous chorioretinopathy.

    Title: New Possibilities for Photo-Thermal Laser Treatment of Macular Disease: Endpoint Management with PASCAL
    Author(s): Dr. Yuichiro Ogura, Dr. Miho Nozaki, and Dr. Kishiko Ohkoshi
    Publisher: Topcon Medical Systems
    Type: White Paper
    Release Date: November 1, 2013

    A review of the content presented at the 36th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons – Luncheon Seminar 3, focusing on the application of Topcon’s PASCAL Laser System with Endpoint Management for the treatment of macular disease.

    Title: Why Choose PASCAL?
    Publisher: Topcon Corporation
    Type: White Paper
    Release Date: November 1, 2013

    A whitepaper on the unique features and benefits of Topcon’s PASCAL Pattern Laser technology.

    Title: Maximizing Outcomes of Treatment for Retinal Vascular Disease
    Author(s): Pravin U. Dugel, MD, Daniel Palanker, PhD, and Daniel Lavinsky MD, PhD
    Publisher: Retina Today
    Type: Trade Journal - Peer Reviewed
    Release Date: October 1, 2013

    A supplement published in Retina Today which reviews the unique benefits of Topcon’s PASCAL Pattern Laser System with Endpoint Management for less-damaging retinal laser treatment.

    Title: Subthreshold Retinal Treatment with Yellow 577-nm PASCAL Laser
    Author(s): Paulo Stanga, MD
    Publisher: Retina Today
    Type: Trade Publication
    Release Date: January 1, 2013

    There is evidence that barely visible laser photocoagulation can work within the macula as primary therapy for DME. Endpoint Management allows more accurate titration of the energy within the subthreshold range, creating the potential for significant reduction in collateral damage and allowing a good tissue healing response.

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