MYAH, Corneal Analyzer with Integrated Pupillographer and Optical Biometer
  • Description
  • MYAH is a corneal analyzer with integrated pupillographer and optical biometer.

    The main applications are the following:

    • Corneal topography for diagnostic purposes
    • Measurement of Eye Axial thicknesses
    • Fluorescence imaging for contact lens fitting
    • Pupil measurements
    • Dynamic analysis of tear film stability and blink time
    • Assessment of the status of the Meibomian glands
    • Tear meniscus height measurement
    • Store and generate overviews of historic data of ocular properties for easy observation of changes over time which is especially useful with for example conditions of myopia
  • Key Features
    • Cornea image acquisition and topographic analysis;
    • Eye Axial Biometry
    • Dynamic pupillometry acquisition: recording of a sequence of pupil images as the light conditions change. Static pupillometry acquisition in controlled light conditions (photopic, mesopic and scotopic);
    • Fluorescein analysis: picture and/or movie acquisition that allow to check the contact lens positioning, or to assess cornea’s artifacts and the lachrymal film (rupture time);
    • Analysis of wavefront corneal aberrations generated by the front surface of the cornea with Zernike analysis: information on the optical properties of the cornea and the optical problems that may affect sight;
    • Contact lens simulation: the software selects from a database the lens best suited to the eye and allows different lenses to be compared.
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