IMAGEnet 6 Ophthalmic Data System
  • Description
  • IMAGEnet® 6 is a digital software for ophthalmic imaging, capable of acquiring, displaying, enhancing, analyzing and saving digital images obtained with a variety of Topcon instruments, such as Spectral Domain and Swept-Source OCT systems, mydriatic and non-mydriatic retinal cameras and photo slit lamps. IMAGEnet® 6 features a SQL expanded database and has numerous image management functions that facilitate image acquisition, enhancement, measurement, comparison, etc.

    Full DICOM compliance allows IMAGEnet® 6 to communicate with EMRs, servers or PACS, save data to remote locations, operate with modality work lists and save images in DICOM format. IMAGEnet® 6 DICOM Compliance includes: Modality Worklist Utilization; PACS Storage Function; Advanced Workflow and Storage Commitment.

    IMAGEnet® 6 easily integrates with Topcon's Synergy™ Ophthalmic Data Management System for complete connectivity.

  • Key Features
    • Browser based software that is Operating system and PC independent and eliminates the need to load software on each PC
    • Single software provides comprehensive image viewing and data management for all Topcon imaging devices
    • Multimodal display provides dynamic viewing of OCT images (B Scans, 3D images, enface images), data and reports along with registered fundus images on one screen
    • Extensive array of image management tools including: Advanced measuring and analysis functions, Patient Consultation module, Stereo module, color balance and contrast adjustment tools
    • Seamless linkage with Topcon’s Synergy™ Data Management System
  • Specifications
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