IMAGEnet 5, Opththalmic Imaging Review Software
  • Description
  • IMAGEnet 5 is a digital software for ophthalmic imaging, capable of acquiring, displaying, enhancing, analyzing and saving digital images obtained with a variety of Topcon photographic devices, such as mydriatic and non-mydriatic retinal cameras and photo slit lamps. IMAGEnet 5 features a SQL expanded database and has numerous image management functions that facilitate image acquisition, enhancement, measurement, comparison, etc.

    Full DICOM compliance allows IMAGEnet 5 to communicate with EMRs, servers or PACS, save data to remote locations, operate with modality work lists and save images in DICOM format. IMAGEnet 5 DICOM Compliance includes: Modality Work list Utilization; PACS Storage Function; Advanced Workflow and Storage Commitment.

    IMAGEnet 5 easily integrates with Topcon's Synergy Ophthalmic Data Management System for complete connectivity.

    Also available is the Wireless Review Station which is to be used with the TRC-NW300 and TRC-NW8 non-mydriatic capture systems and IMAGEnet 5.

    This innovative device allows reviewing images from an IMAGEnet 5 capture station via Wi-Fi up to a distance of 30ft. The transfer period is only 5 seconds when saving captured images in JPEG format.

    The wireless review station can be left permanently in an exam room or can be mobile from room to room in a 30ft. radius. Any commercially available monitor, keyboard, and mouse can be added by the user for his/her convenience.

    Note: The first wireless review station to be used in an office requires the use of a wireless router, which is connected via USB to the capture station. Additional wireless review stations do not need extra routers. Several wireless review stations can be used at the same facility.

  • Key Features
    • DICOM compatible
    • Modality Worklist capability
    • Advanced measuring and analysis functions
    • Patient Consultation module
    • Stereo module
    • Seamless linkage with Topcon’s Synergy™ Data Management System
    • Improved query function for patient localization
    • Image enhancement tools
    • Binder feature for image storage
    • 3D view module with measurement functions
    • Color balance and contrast adjustment tools
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  • Press Releases
  • Title: Topcon Releases IMAGEnet 5 Digital Imaging System
    Release Date: March 6, 2014

    Topcon Medical Systems, of Oakland, NJ, is pleased to announce the release of the DICOM Compliant IMAGEnet 5 Digital Imaging System.

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