Heine SIGMA 250 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope
  • Description
  • Accurate diagnosis made easy

    The goal was to design an instrument that would provide the most precise examination with exceptional comfort. With a weight of 110 g and precision HEINE optics with LED HQ illumination for crisp, high resolution images, the SIGMA250 exceeds our initial goals. Endless flexibility and compact design: The new, high performance power source HEINE mPack mini offers freedom from cables that tie the users to desk, wall or static power sources. With a weight of just 95 g and dimensions of 44 x 23 x 101 mm, this mobile power source is now approximately approx. 70 % smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

  • Key Features
    • Synchronized convergence and parallax adjustment system
    • LED HQ
    • Ultra light
    • For any pupil size
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  • How to Clean and Disinfect your HEINE BIO Indirect and Handhelds
    Heine LED HQ
    Heine Quality Light System
    Heine Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (Part 2)
    Heine Indirect Ophthalmoscopy (Part 1)