CL-300, Computerized Lensmeter
  • Description
  • The compact, ergonomic design of the Topcon CL-300 and intuitive touch colour screen panel ensures that measurements can be easily and quickly obtained. The CL-300 measures all types of lenses, including progressive lenses. Contact lenses can easily and comfortably be measured with the Topcon CL-300 as well. Due to the green light reading beam, ABBE compensation is no longer required.

    Its new UV measurement function provides information on the ultraviolet transmittance in the range of 0% to 100%, providing reliable measurement results for eyeglasses and sunglasses.

  • Key Features
    • UV Transmittance Measurement
    • Green Measurement Light Beam
    • Easy and Fast Operation
    • Auto—Mono and Multi Focal Detection
    • LCD Touch Panel
    • Compact Slim Body
    • Fast and Easy Loading of Printer Paper
    • Improved Lens Support
  • Specifications
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  • Press Releases
  • Title: Topcon Introduces CL-300 Computerized Lensmeter
    Release Date: July 5, 2012

    Topcon Medical Systems is pleased to announce the introduction of the CL-300 Computerized Lensmeter, featuring a new UV transmittance measurement function and a green measurement light beam for enhanced precision.

  • Articles & Publications
  • Title: Topcon Cares – Disinfection Guide
    Author(s): Topcon Healthcare
    Publisher: Topcon Corporation
    Type: THQ Information
    Release Date: July 6, 2020
    Title: Cleaning and Disinfecting Instructions Pretest Equipment
    Type: THQ Information
    Release Date: May 7, 2020

    The following instructions are intended for the cleaning of the external surfaces of Topcon pretest equipment and the disinfection of the parts of the instrument that come in contact with the patient.

    Title: Point It Out
    Author(s): Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO
    Publisher: Optometric Management
    Type: Trade Publication
    Release Date: October 1, 2012

    Dr. Karpecki review the new Topcon CL-300 Computerized Lensmeter and illustrates how its easy-to-use color touchscreen makes it a quick, efficient device.

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