Adjustable Trial Frame TF-3
  • Description
  • The Adjustable Adult Trial Frame TF-3 is light weight, has a wide range of PD (adjustment from 48mm to 80mm), height adjustment and fully adjustable nose rest, and fully adjustable temple length and angle.

  • Key Features
  • Easy to use and light-weight adjustable adult trial frames. Lens holders on right/left side available for 5 pieces of standard trial lenses inserted simultaneously.

    • Range of PD scale: 48~80mm Single side (right or left)
    • scale: 25~40mm; Minimum scale Value: 1mm
    • Axis scale step: 5°
    • Range of nose bridge adjustment: Height: 0~23mm
    • Angle: 0°~360°

    These light-weight frames weight only 60g.

  • Specifications
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