Articles & publications

  • Title: Ocular Biometry Measurements with Aladdin vs. Lenstar
    Author(s): Elizabeth Yeu Lin, M.D.
    Publisher: Topcon Healthcare
    Type: White Paper
    Release Date: October 24, 2019

    A whitepaper by Dr. Elizabeth Yeu of Virginia Eye Consultants, showing the agreement of the Aladdin biometer with the Lenstar biometer for routine measurements before cataract surgery.

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  • Title: Home Monitoring in Glaucoma
    Author(s): Toby Boote and Andrew J. Tatham
    Publisher: Review Glaucoma by European Ophthalmic Review
    Type: Trade Journal - Peer Reviewed
    Release Date: January 7, 2019

    A wide range of relatively cheap, wearable digital devices are now available that enable self-monitoring of parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, physical activity and sleep patterns. Although these devices are often marketed at healthy people, new technologies that permit home monitoring may also have the potential to improve the detection and management of chronic diseases including glaucoma. If patients were able to measure their intraocular pressure or perform perimetry at home, many more measurements could be obtained, with the potential to improve our ability to differentiate true change from test–retest variability. Home monitoring may also improve our ability to determine efficacy of treatment and enhance patient engagement.

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