Topcon Canada History

Topcon Canada has always kept the same mission through the years:

To help its customers improve the efficiency of their offices by providing the best products, unequalled service and support, at the best possible prices.

Here are a few of the important moments in our history:


Company's founding by Henri Allard and Jacqueline Moreau under the name "Société Ophtalmique Allard et Moreau".


Released Retinal Camera Type I.


Registration under the names "AM Ophthalmic Instruments Inc." and "Instruments Ophtalmiques AM Inc."

Released Optometry Unit OU-100. Achieved use of Vision Tester VT-SD, Refractometer RM-1B and Lens Meter LM-3, from eye examinations through glasses lens adjustment, at Topcon.


Released Operation Microscope OMS-100. Contributed to treatment ophthalmic disorders with outstanding optical performance and instrument configuration.


Beginning of the distribution of Topcon products, followed in 1983 by exclusive distribution in Canada


Released Refractometer RM-100, the world’s first refractometer with near-infrared projection. With this product having a TV monitor it became possible to do measurements by operating directly on the screen, which made it a big hit on the market.


Released Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera TRC-NW.

Construction of a state-of-the-art modern building to be used as head office facilities and to provide the largest showroom in Canada.


Fast growth leading to the establishment of a new branch in Mississauga, Ontario. Creation of the company's own brand: AMTEK.


Opening of a third branch in Calgary, Alberta


Establishment of a point of sale in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Exclusivity of Isell Diversatronics products (now called Topcon Omni Systems).

Released Non-Contact Computerized Tonometer CT-10. With this product it became possible non-contact speedy tonometry measurement featuring also easy alignment.


Released Digital Imaging Filing System IMAGEnet. System that manages all types of ophthalmological diagnosis information, including ocular fund scans and examination data.


Establishment the Topcon Code of Conduct (currently Topcon Global Code of Conduct).

Released Retinal Camera TRC-50IA. The World's first retinal camera with an infrared fluorescence photography function. Choroidal vessels could be observed much clearer than ever before. This retinal camera became a pioneer product, marking the beginning for the upcoming glory of Topcon as Retinal Camera Brand.


Relocation of the Ontario branch to a new building in Waterloo that is specifically tailored to include the largest showroom in that province.


Exclusivity of Welch Allyn ophthalmic products.


Distribution Exclusivity of MorTan products.


Distribution Exclusivity of Dicon including perimeters and topographers


Released Specular Microscope SP-200P. The world’s first corneal endothelial cell and corneal thickness examinations, in one machine.

Distribution Agreement of Gulden Ophthalmics.


Company becomes Topcon America Corporation's wholly-owned subsidiary

Released Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-8100PA. By adopting the new measurement system with a built-in rotary prism, it became possible to measure the eye even with 2.o mm pupil diameter.

Released IMAGEnet 2000 Digital Imaging Filing System. Ophthalmological Image Filing System providing a large-scale network was developed. IMAGEnet 2000 has been elaborated into the smart sophisticated system and its name has almost become a synonym for image filing systems in ophthalmology


Company's name changes to Topcon Canada Inc.


Released Wave-Front Analyzer KR-9000PW. Achieved world's first objective refraction examination, corneal curvature radius measurement and corneal topography, together with measurement and analysis of ocular overall optical aberrations through new technology wave-front sensor (all in a single machine). Award the 16th Advanced Technology Award the prize of "Sankei Shin bun".


Distribution Exclusivity of Paradigm products.


Released Slit Lamp SL-D7. Realized more compact size with mounting of DC-1 - world's first slit lamp specialized digital camera.


Released Operation Microscope OMS-800 OFFISS. The world's first vitreous body operation microscope eliminating need for intraocular lighting and facilitating operation procedures using both hands.


Distribution Agreement of Accutome products.


Released Optical Coherence Tomographer 3D OCT-1000. World's first fusion of optical coherence tomography (OCT) with a non-mydriatic retinal camera. Achieved simultaneous retinal imaging and tomographic imaging, enabling precision imaging of areas required for diagnosis.

Distribution Exclusivity of M&S Technologies products.


Released TRK-1P


Distribution Exclusivity of Tinsley Products and Icare Finland Oy.


Established Topcon Medical Laser Systems, Inc. by acquiring retina and glaucoma business of OptiMedica (U.S.A) and entered therapeutic laser market.


Established “TOPCON WAY”.

Released Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-1 / Auto Refractometer RM-1. Fully automated measurement with only one touch on the touchscreen panel. The absence of the control lever and the adjustable control panel enables the operator to be positioned anywhere around a patient.

Released Photocoagulator PASCAL Streamline. Original multi-spot simultaneous laser pulse technology realized minimum invasiveness and dramatic reductions in operation time.


Released Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomographer DRI OCT-1 Atlantis. DRI OCT can penetrate deeper visualizing ocular tissues utilizing 1,050 nm wavelength with the world’s fastest scan speed of 100, 000 A-Scan/sec.

Released CL-300 Lensmeter.


Released Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomographer 3D OCT-1 Maestro. Fully-automated OCT that enables imaging solely by operating the touch panel.

Released Refractors KR/RM-800.

Released TRK-2P.

Released Specular Microscope SP-1P.

Released Data Management System Synergy.


Released Retinal Cameras TRC-NW8F Plus.

Released TRC-NW400.

Released Refractor KR-800S.

Released Tonometer CT-800.

Released IMAGEnet 5 Digital Imaging System.

Released Ophthalmic Instrument Stand IS-5000.


Distribution Exclusivity of Elektron Eye Technology Ltd

Released Photocoagulator PASCAL Synthesis 532 & 577.

Released High Definition Video Teaching System for PASCAL Lasers.

Released Slit Lamp with LED light source SL-D701.

Released Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomographer DRI OCT Triton/ Triton Plus.

Released Biometer Aladdin.

Released Ophthalmic Instrument stand IS-5500.


Distribution Exclusivity of Kay Pictures Ltd

Released Non-Contact Tonometer CT-800A with Semi-Automatic Alignment and Automated Measurement.

Released Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-800A.

Released Wall Instrument Table for 1 Instrument AIT-W1.

Released Wall Instrument Table for 2 Instruments AIT-W2.

Released IMAGEnet 6 Digital Imaging System.


Released Digital Slit Lamp SL-D301.


Distribution Exclusivity of ChongQing SunKingdom Medical Instrument Co. Ltd. Introduction of perimeter SK-850A Standard, SK-850A Expert and portable slit lamp LS-1B.

Distribution Agreement with Heine Instruments Canada.

Released Auto Kerato-Refractometer with Color Mapping KR-800PA.

Released Photocoagulator PASCAL Synthesis TwinStar 577 & 638 combined.


Released Topcon Cloud

Released Harmony, Global Data Management

Released 3D OCT-1 Maestro2 with OCTA

Released Photocoagulator PASCAL Synthesis III with new SL-PA04

Released CA-800 Ocular Surface Suite


Released Signal Handheld Fundus Camera